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What trends in the behavior of Russian consumers appeared in 2020?
How do consumers learn about new products in 2020?
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The OECD predicts acceleration in the global economy and a slowdown in the domestic Russian economy. The decline in household incomes and the contraction of consumer demand may become an additional brake on the recovery of the Russian economy.
According to Rosstat, the economic downturn in Russia in 2020 amounted to 3.1% – significantly better than expected.
The Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Alexey Zabotkin emphasized that the potential economic growth rates do not depend on monetary policy, they are influenced by demography, labor force, and the efficiency of institutions.
The Russian economy continues to lose its attractiveness in the eyes of large transnational businesses as consumers become poorer and the government continues the sanctions war with the West.

The Washington Institute of International Finance (IIF) sharply improved its forecast for the Russian economy. Its experts revised estimates of the fall in GDP in 2020 from minus 4.8% to 3.6%.

Retail in Russia
Retail in Russia
Russia and China
Russia and China
The structure of expenses of the population of the Russian Federation
The structure of expenses of the population of the Russian Federation
The structure of expenses of the population of the Russian Federation
The structure of expenses of the population of the Russian Federation
Real estate
Real estate
Real estate Russia
Real estate Russia
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